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We have a theory that keys exist solely to get lost. That’s why made these keychains with an eye-catchingly bright orange loop. It's so utterly impossible to miss that we’re willing to offer a 1000% guarantee that you will never, ever lose your keys again.

Okay... on second thought, that’s kind of absurd. First off, we’re pretty sure 1000% is mathematically impossible. Second, if keys exist solely to get lost, then who are we to mess with the natural order of things? Yes, it’s annoying to have to search everywhere for your keys, but if it weren’t for that feeling of irritation, you would never know the sense of satisfaction, and accomplishment when you finally find them.

We don't want to take that sensation away from you! This keychain will not prevent you from losing your keys, but it will make them look good wherever you find them.

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Detail Image