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Here at CoffeeCup, we really love our laptops. They’re like our children — no, better than our children. They’re like a part of ourselves. Think we’re joking? True fact: J has actually uttered the sentence “Aww, your laptop looks sad.” (Pro tip: If he starts hassling you for being mean to your laptop, draw a smiley face on a Post-It note and slap it on the screen. It seems to appease him.)

Anyway, we want nothing but the best for our precious laptops. That’s why we all use this neoprene sleeve — branded with the CoffeeCup logo, of course — to protect our computers. (Scott uses two or three per computer, muttering something about how “you can never be too careful,” but the rest of us think one is plenty.)

Made of soft, cushy neoprene with a thermal print of the CoffeeCup logo in the lower right coner. Fits most 15" laptops.

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