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Branded Blue-Orange

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Once upon a time, there was a T-shirt. It seemed in all respects like any other ordinary T-shirt... with two exceptions: The totally cool CoffeeCup logo emblazoned at a cocky angle on the side, and its ability to confer preternatural abilities to anyone who wears it!

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Just slip this bad boy on and enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom! Then go explore the wild blue yonder yelling, "See you later, suckers!"

Editor’s note: As of publishing time, the copywriter responsible for this description was missing from her desk, and this description was all we found. We had to meet deadline, so we decided to just go ahead and publish it. Uh... the shirt won’t give you super powers, but it is pretty cool.

Printed on a soft and cozy American Apparel 100% cotton shirt. (sizing chart)

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Detail Image