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King Midas had a problem. His own daughter wasn’t speaking to him. His life was in shambles. He didn’t have a friend in the world.

Just then, descending from the sky like archangels, came CoffeeCup’s own Jason and Andy. “Here,” Jason said in a booming baritone that shook the land. “take these CoffeeCup stickers.” Midas took them, tears in his eyes. “But... why?”

“Because,” replied Andy, “Like you, these stickers turn everything they touch to gold. But unlike you, they’re metaphorical.”

“Also, chicks dig ‘em,” said Jason with a twinkle in his eye. “Nice sticker,” said Heidi Klum, who had magically appeared out of nowhere.

“Why, thank you,” said King Midas, and somewhere, somehow, he thought he heard Jason and Andy chuckling.

Each pack contains 5 cool, 2"x3" vinyl stickers. Use them inside, outside, wherever you like.

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